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Salesforce Consulting

UPP’s team of certified Salesforce consultants, developers and admins is fully equipped to maximize return on your Salesforce investment. We have the tools and expertise apt for the task you have in mind, be it getting started on the platform, adding a new feature, or optimizing your CRM performance.

Our Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Consulting

We help leverage the multi-faceted nature of Salesforce by picking the most suitable Salesforce edition, as well as its products and features for your business needs and industry requirements.

Migration to Salesforce

We help you move from your legacy system to a cloud-based CRM. We clean and migrate your data, map your workflows to the Salesforce platform, cut on redundant features, and add new relevant functions.

Salesforce Health Check

We audit your Salesforce deployment, locate security loopholes, fix identified issues, and offer automation enhancements as well as tried-and-tested methods of boosting efficiency.

Customization & Integration Consulting

We go beyond Salesforce’s OOTB features by tailoring dashboards, workflows, and apps to your needs. We also integrate data sources via pre-built and custom integration modules.

User Adoption and Support

We develop post-launch and long-term platform adoption strategies, create user orientation programs, and provide ongoing support for solving technical problems and post-upgrade challenges.

Why You Need a Salesforce Consulting Partner

Business Process Automation

We leverage Salesforce automation tools to free your employees of time-consuming tasks, eliminate errors, and make sure your operational processes are fully controllable and transparent for everyone involved. For this, we follow a step-by-step automation strategy:

  • Analyzing internal processes

  • Identifying functional gaps

  • Mapping processes and features to the Salesforce infrastructure

  • Creating flows, rule-based workflows, automated action triggers, and reports

  • Building a data processing architecture

  • Cleaning, de-duplicating, unifying and migrating data

  • Developing a user onboarding program

Salesforce Optimization

If you already work with Salesforce, we will help you get the most out of the platform’s capabilities and maximize its value by configuring and customizing the existing functionality, both built-in and custom.

  • Review of the processes and features to identify gaps and opportunities

  • Technical audit to spot architectural and integration errors

  • Recommendations based on the audit

  • Development of features and objects with Apex or connecting third-party apps

  • Generation of customized dashboards and reports

Salesforce Development

Relying on our years-long experience in Salesforce CRM consulting and development, we build, test and deploy custom web and mobile applications to tailor Salesforce to your needs and scale it up so that you could pursue more ambitious goals.

  • Integration with external data sources via pre-built and custom connectors

  • Apex-based app development with custom business logic

  • User interface customization

  • Bi-directional synchronization of enterprise systems with Salesforce data

  • AI model creation

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